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If you currently give online through Parish Pay, your account will soon be transferred to We Share, our new online giving provider. This transfer ensures that your scheduled transactions will continue to be received by the parish as scheduled.

The security of your personal information is important to us. If you want to make any changes to your account or adjust your giving amount, We share requires a one-time security verification to provide you access.

Weekly Newsletters

To our Parishioners who use ParishPay to make your offerings, thank you for your participation in our parish’s online giving program. Your generous giving is appreciated by so many and helps our church thrive and reflect the Kingdom of God in our community. 

To help us maintain and grow this mission, beginning on Monday, October 9th at 12:00AM (PST), our parish will be transitioning to a new online giving tool—WeShare. WeShare makes it easier than ever for you to manage your online contributions and will save our church time and money. 

Weekly Newsletters
Key Parish Financials as of 8/31/2017
End of Fiscal Year 2017
FY-2017 Total Fuel Expense:  $23,189.14
FY-2017 Total Fuel Donations:  $12,386.10
Religious Education

Classes will begin on Sunday, Sept. 17th. This year, our program will largely be staying the same as it was last year, with grades K-8 attending classes on Sunday mornings and the high school program taking place on Sunday afternoons (beginning with Mass).

We ask that the registration forms be submitted as soon as possible, so that we can finalize preparations and materials for classes. We are still in need of volunteers to be catechists and helpers in the classroom. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out!

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Raffle tickets have been sent to every parishioner and we are starting to receive payments and ticket stubs back. It is our hope that parishioners will purchase one or more books and sell others to neighbors, family, or friends to make this raffle a huge success for our parish. Drawings will take place on September 9th at our Fall Family Festival following the 4:00pm Mass. Good Luck!!!!

Weekly Newsletters

Propagation of the Faith - Passionist Missionaries of Papua New Guinea - Next weekend August 5th & 6th, Brother Terence Skorka will be speaking at all masses, as part of the annual Mission Co-op program sponsored by the Propagation of Faith. He will ask for your prayers and support after he tells the work, ministry, and story of the Senta Blong Papa. The fund raising opportunities provided by the dioceses is a major source of income to help meet their expenses. A second collection will be taken at all Masses for the support of this mission.

This year we will have a grand fall raffle dedicating the proceeds to further reduce our parish debt and hopefully end our need to pay off back debt much more quickly. With that in mind, we are asking for your support with this fundraiser. We will be sending out raffle tickets to every parishioner in July so please be on the look out. It is our hope that parishioners will purchase one or more books and sell others to neighbors, family, or friends. Drawings will take place on September 9th at our Fun Family Festival following the 4:00pm Mass. Good Luck!

Weekly Newsletters

Thanks to all our parishioners who have made their gift to the 2017 Partners in Charity Annual Appeal. If you have not yet made a gift or pledge, envelopes can be found in the pews. Through your generous support we are able to serve thousands of families and individuals in the Worcester County through outreach, formation, evangelization and worship. Thank you!

Weekly Newsletters

To date we have collected $1,788.96 for St. Eugene’s parish from the Haiti Bowls. Thank you for supporting our mission! It is truly appreciated.