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Parish Financials

Submitted by Our Parish Community on September 15, 2017 - 10:43pm

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Key Parish Financials as of 8/31/2017
End of Fiscal Year 2017
FY-2017 Total Fuel Expense:  $23,189.14
FY-2017 Total Fuel Donations:  $12,386.10
FY-2017 Debt Reduction Donations:  $14,303.00
FY-2017 Thrift Shop: $47,372.00
FY-2017 Fund Raiser Income:  $8,773.95
Parish Debt as of 8/31/2014:
Unpaid Bills *  $120,445.00
Interest Free School Loan  $80,300.00
Total Due as of 8/31/2014  $200,745.00
Current Parish Debt:
Unpaid Diocesan Bills *  $49,301.30
Interest Free School Loan  $54,200.00
Total Remaining 2014 Debt  $103,501.30
* The Parish debt as 0f 8/31/2014 included unpaid bills
from the Diocese for insurance, cathidraticum, clergy
pensions, school assessments, etc… dating to 2012,
Debt Reduction to Date:  $97,243.70
Parish Payments  $76,377.71
Diocesan Credits (initiated 9/2016)  $20,865.99
Current Diocesan Invoices:
FY2017 Diocesan Bills Recieved  $55,302.00
FY2017 Diocesan Bills Paid to Date  $55,302.00
Balance Remaining  0
FY2017 Goal -- pay all current Diocesan bills while
also continuing to reduce old debt and the school loan.
Priests' Health Care Invoices **  $30,457.04
Priests' Health Care Paid  $13,273.37
Balance Remaining  $17,183.67
** Health Care invoices cover years 2014 to 2017.
FY-2017 Goal -- pay what we can up to $19,200.
As we come to the end of FY2017, the current diocese bills for
2017 have been paid in full and we have made great progress
in bringing down the old debt & school loan. Thank you for
your continued support! FY2018 here we go again!!!