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Partners in Charity Campaign

Submitted by Our Parish Community on February 24, 2018 - 8:43pm

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Hello to All!! Well here we are again beginning our Partners in Charity Campaign. This is, of course, our annual appeal for funds to support the ministries that happen not only in Leicester, but also throughout the Diocese. These ministries include Clergy Retirement, Catholic Campus Ministry, Seminarian Education, African Ministry, Catholic Charities and many others. These ministries serve a wide variety of peoples in our Diocese who are in need in a variety of ways. The people they serve are often in no position to help themselves and so we serve them as the Body of Christ in this world here and now. It is an important aspect of our Christian faith to do acts of charity for those in need and the Partners in Charity Appeal offers us one way to do just that. It is for this reason that I will ask you to consider carefully and prayerfully your donation to this year’s appeal. Please be generous and Thank you. Peace and God Bless,
Fr. Rob