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A Word From Fr. Rob - August 28, 2016

Submitted by Our Parish Community on August 27, 2016 - 8:55pm

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Hello to all, Well summer is coming down to the wire (at least emotionally if not on the calendar). Many young people are getting anxious about going back or just to college, high school, middle school, elementary school or nursery school. Many of their parents are sighing with relief. Their teachers are preparing for another year as well. It is a transition time. It is a time of change! Change is always difficult. It is also always a part of life. If we do not come to some sort of terms with change, we will not be able to deal with life as it is. One of the secondary purposes of religion is to help us deal with change (the primary purpose is to give worship to God). We as Catholic Christians are fortunate because we have a faith in a God who walked this earth as one of us. Our God knows what it is like to deal with change and God can and will help us if we ask! We ask for that help in a variety of ways. One way is, of course, in prayer. We can ask God for anything; security, protection, courage, serenity, wisdom, etc. in prayer. Prayer offers us a solid ground which will not be shaken no matter how much the world around us is. Another method for asking for God’s aid is by asking seeking God’s help from God’s creation, I.e. our fellow human beings or as Verizon would call them; our “friends and family”. We can lean on our loved ones even more during our periods of transition. They can provide the foundation for us to stand on as we go through any transition. A final suggestion for dealing with transition is by participating in our worship services, which for us Catholics is essentially the Mass. No matter where we are in the world we can find a Catholic Church. When we enter that church for Mass we will find that, although it may be in a different language and the priest won't be as nice as Fr. Rob, it will still proceed in a manner with which we are familiar. It will still be our rock to stand on. So do not be afraid as you move into this season of change. Go in peace to love and serve our God.
Fr. Rob