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A Word From Fr. Rob - January 24, 2016

Submitted by Our Parish Community on January 21, 2016 - 11:08pm

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Hello everyone, I am glad to finally be able to write to everyone in our bulletin after several weeks of delivery miscues that brought it in after at least one of our weekend masses. This was a problem with the delivery company and the printer has since changed companies and assures me that the problem will “never occur again!” So far that promise has proven correct (one week in a row as I write this). I am presuming that this record will continue. Anyways, we are now into the “Ordinary Time” of our liturgical year. It is called this not because any time is truly “ordinary” but because there are times in our church year that are truly “extra” ordinary or outside the ordinary: times such as Christmas and Easter. These seasons have their own character to them which distinguishes them from the “ordinary” events of time. With this in mind, I want to write specifically about the time we as Catholics refer to as Lent. It is the season in which we contemplate and celebrate the central place of Jesus’ passion and death in the mystery of our salvation. We do this in our masses as we listen to the scripture passages which describe the major events of salvation history, i.e. creation, the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Exodus etc. We also do things outside of mass to help us in this season. We do the Stations of the Cross, Bible Studies, go to confession, our parish mission and we celebrate our Seder Meal on Palm Sunday. This celebration has become a very wonderful event on our Parish Lenten calendar. In the four years we have done it, it has grown into an event with over one hundred participants. This event is truly a wonderful occasion, but it requires a tremendous amount of work to put it together, pull it off and tear it all down. So I am making an appeal to all of you for the necessary man and woman power to transport and setup the tables and chairs, set tables, decorate the hall, prepare and serve food and then clean up, bring the tables back to St. Joseph etc. Please consider volunteering to help with one or all of these tasks. Please also consider attending the Seder Meal.
Thanks and God Bless!
Fr. Rob.