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A Word From Fr. Rob - Week of April 5, 2015

Submitted by Our Parish Community on April 6, 2015 - 6:57pm

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Dear people of St. Joseph-St. Pius X Parish, this week I continue to reflect upon the Sacraments by discussing the greatest of them, the Eucharist. Eucharist means to give thanks, so what is it that we are giving thanks for? It is in gratitude that my faith, hope and love have been more free to grow and flourish. I have come to believe that one cannot be a believer in God unless one first knows God. We need to come to a place in our lives which enables us to want to know God. When I was younger I knew of a God who was angry, strict and vengeful. This God was not one who I desired to be close to. Rather I wanted to be very far from God. God scared me to death! As I made choices that reflected this theology/philosophy I came to a place where I needed help in my life, I needed the aid of that mysterious power greater than myself because I had made such a mess out of my life. I knew only one God and so I asked that scary God to help me. I did not immediately see how when or where God was helping me but years after I can say without a doubt that God came to my assistance. I am filled with gratitude today because of the fact that my life is livable today. I still get my moments of doubt, despair and hate, but they do not own me as they once did. God has saved me from myself.

This little story is my reflection on the Eucharist and Easter because it was like a little Easter for me, and each time that I remember it I am filled with faith, hope, love and gratitude. Easter is a time when we remember our saving moments and connect them to the ultimate saving moment of History, the Resurrection. We celebrate Easter only once a year but surely there are other times of the year when we need to connect with our “saving moments”. Hopefully we are able to go to those places during the course of the year. The church is aware that we need to experience again and again these moments of salvation, and it is for this reason that she offers the holy sacrifice of the mass every week and every day. The Eucharist is in fact our little Easter. In the wonder and mystery of eternal God meeting with mortal human we witness and share in the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ. It is an awesome reality that enables us to remember ourselves in the Body of Christ. Just as each time I recall my saving moment I am able to feel gratitude for the grace that God has poured out on me, despite what may be occurring in my life at that time. We are able to come to the saving moment at any time in our lives through the Mass/Eucharist. I hope that all of us will truly be able to experience the joy of Easter today and throughout our lives.

Happy Easter!!
Peace and God Bless
Fr. Rob