St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA

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Collection for Priests’ Retirement

This year on Ash Wednesday the parishes of our diocese will begin an annual collection to support the retirement needs of our diocesan priests. In 2019 a committee appointed by Bishop McManus examined the suitability and sustainability of retirement benefits for our retired diocesan priests. The annual health insurance and housing costs along with monthly stipends for our retired priests have recently been running from $2.2 – $2.6 million. Even with revenue from Celebrate Priesthood, Partners in Charity, the Legacy of Hope Capital Campaign, the endowments from the Forward in Faith Capital Campaign, parish assessments, and other restricted funds and donations, the costs of caring for our 50+ retired priests exceeds our revenue, in 2020 by $266,810. After reviewing the committee’s report and receiving input from the priests of our diocese, Bishop McManus is instituting an annual Ash Wednesday Collection for Priest Retirement as one part of the diocese’s renewed efforts to care for our retired priests. Please consider a donation to the Ash Wednesday Collection to support those who have given their lives in service to the people of the Diocese of Worcester. Review the Retirement Report Summary found on the Diocesan Website to learn more. Thank you.

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