St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA

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Financial Information

With the end of 2021 fiscal year fast approaching, the great news is that we are only $2,701.36 (with a payoff amount of approx. $1,700.00 to finally be paid in full of all past due debt to the diocese. The not so good news is that we still have a significant amount due left on our current 2021 diocese bills for a total of $19,980.00 due by August 31st. (this amount covers a balance due of $5,480.00 from the total cathedraticum tax bill of $19,657.00 and a balance due of $14,500.00 from the total insurance bill for our properties, liability & hvac damage of $21,468.00).

With still approx. 7 weeks away, we are hoping with the support of the parish in addition to our recent fundraiser raffle sales we will be able to meet our financial obligation. This way we can start off our next fiscal year 2022 debt free. Thank you for your support and being as generous as you can, as it is greatly appreciated.

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