St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA

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Happy New Year!

Although this past year has been an extremely challenging one for all of us through this pandemic, in addition to the many stressful challenges and changes experienced here at our parish of St. Joseph-S.t. Pius X, as the “2020” year comes to an end, we also have a lot to be thankful for. The Leicester Food pantry continues to grow under the leadership of our new director Michelle Herbert and her crew of dedicated volunteers. Together they have the pantry up and ready every week for Leicester patrons, offering curbside service or shopping during this time of the pandemic. The thrift shop is thriving, and continues to do so under the new leadership of Donna Jyringi, along with old and new volunteers who make it a fun and exciting experience together. Dedicated volunteers have helped to give St. Pius X Church a much needed face lift through cleaning, painting, and making it fresh and beautiful in time for Christmas. And lastly, for all those who have and continue to help support the parish with their time, talents and donations throughout the year for all the committees that serve our parish, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and look forward to an even more exciting 2021!

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