St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA

Legacy of Hope Campaign Prayer

God our Father, you are the source of all goodness and of every blessing. We give you thanks and praise for the gift of our Catholic faith that is deeply rooted in your abundant love for us.

We ask your blessing upon our efforts to help secure the future of the Church in the Diocese of Worcester. May your people respond with faith and generosity to our Legacy of Hope Capital Campaign and may the sacrifices we make together today bear fruit in lives of faith, hope and love for  generations to come.

We ask all this through Christ our Lord.


Legacy of Hope

This campaign seeks to raise $32 million over the next four years from all parishes in the Diocese of Worcester to prepare our faith community for the future. The money will be used for parish support, catholic education, priests’ retirement and custodial care, parish based evangelization and charitable outreach.  St. Joseph-St. Pius X will retain 40% of every dollar raised in our parish campaign effort to be used for our own local needs.

Find more information on the Legacy of Hope website, including how our parish benefits and the difference between Legacy of Hope and Partners in Charity.