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News from our Sister Parish, Saint Eugene of Haiti

Good afternoon Father Robert Loftus, I hope you are doing well despite the global health situation! I want to take this favorable opportunity to thank you very much for your unconditional support for the parish of Saint Eugene de Mazenod la Savane as well as all the faithful and benefactors of your parish. God will give you back a hundredfold. Since after the devastating earthquake of August 14, we have been living in an alarming, catastrophic, disastrous situation. Despite everything, we continue to accompany the people of God sharing in atrocious misery. In addition, I sent you several messages on your email, it seems that it is not functional. This morning, John Demasi sent your email, I tried. Finally, the parish of Saint Eugene relies heavily on our twinning to continue to evangelize the people of God in a difficult socio-economic, political and environmental context. As the Pope says, to ignore human suffering is to ignore God. Once again, thank you for what you are for the universal church and our local church in Haiti! Prayer

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