St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA


St. Joseph’s Church Memories

We are looking for our parishioners who were members of St. Joseph’s Church. We would like to put together a small booklet on the history of our beloved St. Joseph’s Church featuring your memories. If you would like to share part of your knowledge and history from St. Joseph’s please contact Linda or Deacon Mike Corby at 508-892-2988. Short memories from your childhood, church sacraments can be as simple as hand-written notes or photographs. You can bring them to Mass in an envelope marked “St. Joseph Memories”, bring them or mail them to the St. Joseph – St. Pius X parish office. We will try to collect as many memories as we can between now and September. Once we have received this information we will put together a book of St. Joseph’s memories. There is so much that is not known that would be wonderful to pass along to celebrate the year of St. Joseph.

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