St. Joseph - St. Pius X

Catholic Parish of Leicester, MA

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Welcome Back To Mass – Saturdays 4:00pm & Sundays 9:00am

Please notice that there is no more tape on the pews. This is because those who are vaccinated are no longer required to socially distance themselves. However those who aren’t vaccinated still must social distance and wear masks. You are asked to take that into consideration as you seat yourselves.

If you have received all of your vaccinations you are no longer required to wear a mask, although it is perfectly understandable if you still choose to for your own safety. Be aware that there will be some parishioners who choose not to don their face wear though.

If you have not yet received your vaccinations please continue to wear your mask in the church. Remember that the mask is as much for the safety of others as it is for your safety.

We will continue to sanitize your hands as you enter the church and before and after you receive communion. The procession to receive communion will remain as it has been done during the pandemic.

We, as Catholic Christians, are called to take responsibility for our own safety and protection and for that of our fellow parishioners. If we are not feeling well or are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid we should not put ourselves or others in jeopardy. If we have not yet received your vaccinations (for whatever reasons), please wear your masks. Please be safe and care for your neighbors as you care for yourself.

Fr. Rob

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